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Varney’s Midwifery 5th Edition

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Varney's Midwifery 5th Edition

Varney’s Midwifery 5th Edition describing the occupation of midwifery, reproductive physiology, scientific genetics, and support for women in labor. Interwoven throughout is information on major care, gynecology, maternity care, and neonatal care. With chapters written by a variety of knowledgeable midwives and an increased emphasis on reproductive anatomy and physiology, this new version assists college students and clinicians in understanding not only what to do but why. Up to date to replicate evidence-based mostly care, this version also discusses the pathophysiology of assorted conditions in the context of normal modifications in the reproductive cycle.

In this version, the skills chapters have been considerably revised and reformatted into relevant chapter appendices to assist students, new midwives, and worldwide readers be taught important expertise in sequential steps. These vital midwifery skills include performing a pelvic examination, hand maneuvers for beginning, delivery of a fetus in breech presentation, and present evidence-primarily based steps for managing a postpartum hemorrhage.

The principles put forth on this fifth edition set the gold standard for safe and competent care of mothers and neonates … whatever the setting … and also provide the parameters for effectively-girl care. It might behoove every midwife to develop into as educated as doable about full-scope midwifery practice and Varney’s Midwifery gives an ideal resource.

it is a great useful resource guide and the new one is supposed to have further information. Some midwifery schools will require the new text, maintain that in thoughts should you’re ordering this book for class.

New Chapters Include: * Professional Midwifery Today * Mental Health Conditions * Breast Conditions * Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Reproductive System * Physiologic Changes in Pregnancy and Fetal Development * Genetics * Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy: Placental, Fetal, and Maternal Adaptations * Support for Women in Labor * Anatomy and Physiology of Postpartum * Anatomy and Physiology of the Newborn

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CLICK BELOW! Note : Download Varney’s Midwifery 5th Edition PDF.


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